Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
— John Muir

The notion of the The Beekeeper's House as a base camp is an idea that occurred to me as a concept only recently. I have lived here 12 seasons and the home and area are well settled in my life experience as a gift of sorts. Each day I spend in Maine, in this natural environment I call home, deepens my connection to nature and enriches my experience and adventure of living. I was living in my new home nestled in the woods about 3 weeks when I first noticed the sun's setting pink light hitting the tops of the White and Red Pine trees that rise some 60 plus feet above the woods floor.  You may not notice this till you are here for a day or two of your visit. You will notice this phenomenon when your inner self calms and your perspective changes as is the tendency while in vacation mode. When you do notice this pink haze up in the Forest canopy you will wonder why these pines are so tall. During the 1700s and 1800s this Brunswick property and the Harpswell area were home to 17 shipyards. These shipyards made a significant contribution building 77 ships in all. The same pines that were used in these ships influence and inform the current Bee Keeper's House as the home structure is Timber Frame and was built with these same trees harvested here on the property that were grown for masts of Schooners and Tall Ships. 

It is here among the pines, nature, history and salt air you can make a base camp for yourself. Let it be a main/Maine encampment where you can stash your supplies, shelter yourself, and stay connected with the world before your launch. It is a starting point; a place where you can prepare for the adventure, obtain your provisions, study your maps, and acclimate to a new pace of life during  your retreat or vacation. Base camp is not a destination but a starting point. Go and engage in a wide range of activities or go inward for a deep connection to your own nature. The adventure is here and out there.


Quick Beekeeper's House Base Camp Facts:


  • 3.6 miles from Bowdoin College, 15 minutes from Freeport
  • Located at the top of Harpswell Cove; a still private, unchanged and unspoiled tidal cove.
  • We are field, woods and water. Home to Osprey, Eagles, Herons, Owls, Turkeys, Fox and Deer.

When to Visit

  • ALL YEAR LONG! Maine is famous as a Summer travel destination. Summer months are a tempting time to visit as the region offers what Mother Nature has dished up for entertainment in accessible abundance. Inland mountain hikes or coastal beach experiences are both day trips from our location. But FALL & WINTER are getaways that are uniquely quintessential to the Maine way of life.

What to Eat

  • If you are willing to work for your meal, Mussels, Stripers, Lobster, and Clams all are obtainable in the private cove. 
  • Fine dining is nearby and you are only 4 miles from a traditional grocery store and Morning Glory, Brunswick's very fine natural food store.
  • Honey of course! Most years it is in great supply and we are happy to sell you some.


  • Not a problem!! People think we are more "back country" than we are. If staying connected to your inner techy persona while kayaking on a cove is your thing... you can do this here.

Mind Body Wellness

  • Options and add-on opportunities are offered to each guest to address your wellness regimen. Our philosophy is based in the 5000 year old tradition of Ayurveda, based on Nature's cycles and is customized to the individual. 


  • We are home to a Bald Eagle nest.
  • The property has a certain spiritual feel.
  • The Maine house has a secret closet. 
  • Two Choices. You can come short term or long term. Some stay a month and return for another month the following year.