After a full year of operating The Beekeeper's House I still question what I am doing. I get confused as to whether to run workshops here and all the time I ask myself how I can be of service to you. In the end I am certain of one very clear vision. I AM OPEN and you are welcome here. "Here" is a place where I offer my hospitality. I share my home with you. I have a love of living a life close at hand and close to nature. My lifestyle you see is my work, my lively hood. I have had this notion for a while of sharing my home and life with those that stay here for sometime, but have always struggled with how to express this. I ran across the perfect phrase recently while reading a book called A Man Apart: Bill Cooperthwaite's Radical Experiment in Living. Written by Peter Forbes and Helen Whybrow. The book is a wonderful read and speaks wholly to my personal philosophy and values. The words popped off the page... "Radical Hospitality". Eureka!!! That's it... the phrase I have bee looking for to express my desire to share my home, open up my life to both friends, strangers, and clients that become friends. There is a desire for me to be in relationship with each person that visits, to share my experience of respite and well being. So that's it! You are welcome here. There is a Giant Welcome sign in my mind that invites you to experience The Beekeeper's House I cherish. This lifestyle of mine is healing and the property is a respite from the shared chaos that pervades most of our lives. "Radical Hospitality" is a shared experience, an invitation to experience every day... a better slowed down life and perhaps our better selves.
Please comment below. I would love to here your thoughts on this concept of mine...