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Breakfast was WEIRD this AM. How did I recognize this? Food consciousness. Conscious eating is the hallmark of good eating. A funny feeling in your tummy can inform you as to what to eat and how to eat during any given day. I ate stewed pears with prunes seasoned with clove and cardamom, drizzled with organic honey! YUM!

3 Reasons breakfast can be weird

1: you are rushed

2: You aren't actually hungry

3: You just aren't sure what a healthy breakfast might be.

This morning I woke up with a belly ache. I  know many of you out there think Ayurvedic practitioners are totally healthy, but of course we have our ups and downs physically just like everyone else. This is why I want to share with you some basic Ayurvedic approaches to eating.

One: Never rush your meals
When we are rushed our digestion is not working at it's optimum. Eat sitting down and always eat in a settled environment.

Two: Ask your self if you are hungry
Ayurveda says we should always eat till about 75% full. If you find you are not hungry at any given meal this could be the first indicator that you ate too much at the previous meal or you that you may have a slow digestion which could be a precursor to more chronic digestive issues.

Three: How do I know what to eat?
GOOD QUESTION!!! If you are asking your self "How do I know what to eat?" then you are well on your way to developing a practice of Food Consciousness. In this culture we are trained to eat only through our eyes; ie. what looks good or tastes good, or we eat to satisfy our emotions ie. a treat would be good now, or I need a break so I will go for a snack.

So next time you are at a loss as to what to eat ask yourself first if you are hungry or feeling full. If feeling hungry feel free to eat a bit more. If full why not take something light for breakfast. If you are eager to learn more about the Ayurvedic perspective on the food/health connection, stay tuned as The Bee Keeper's House will be sharing more information about the wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition all during this Spring Season. Next post... how to know what foods are right for you.

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